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Easy Doesit G is a native of Washington, D.C. and graduated from Deep Springs College. He studied process-oriented psychology in Portland, Oregon and social work at UMBC. He now makes his home in Gaithersburg and likes meditating, walking, and simple, vegan-ish cooking. G also enjoys sitting with the Earth and listening to nature in his neighborhood

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There Are Two Approaches to
Your Work or Retirement Satisfaction:

the inner and the outer

The outer approach handles details like what field you work in, educational prep, and finding a suitable job or entrepreneurship. For retirees it can be finding the right service, creative, or recreational opportunitiesThe inner approach references the Great OK-ness: being in touch with the potential for each moment to be experienced as complete and to be deeply acceptedOur work together runs along these parallel tracks. It is a process-oriented journey that begins with already having arrived. Both in and out of time, we take steps to bring you closer to the dream you have for work or retirement, while letting go of baggage that prevents openness to and deep acceptance of how things areTogether we will explore your values and find the way that suits you

The guiding principle
behind all the services at Thunder Road
is supporting and improving
your work or retirement satisfaction

I take a relaxed approach and invite you to do the same. After all, isn’t it about the journey?I enjoy talking to people about making improvements to their lives at work or in retirement, working on solutions that include actions as well as self-discovery and ways of beingFor any of the following areas, we can use the Big Five Personality Traits model to get an idea of your strengths

Entrepreneurial:What would you do for money if you knew you could not fail?What talents do you want to use to be of service to your community?What is stopping you from getting started?We want your success in offering the world your best talents, and the ones that give you joy when using them. I can help you start where you are and make it happen

Career Guidance:Exploring Career PossibilitiesWe use the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook and MyNextMove.org to help you decide what direction to takeCreating a Career Action PlanWe build a step-by-step action plan for getting you from here to a job and career that you loveWe can work together to bring your career dreams to life

Retirement:Where have you come from and where are you in your life’s journey?What values continue to guide you in your life today?Where do you feel a calling to self-expression and service?Let me help you make this time of life one of genuine engagement and fulfillment

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